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2023 Fall Virtual  Show

Judge: Cathy Dias


Entries Open Sept 15th

            Close Dept 30th

(Videos and payment due on 30th)

Show form for your video submissions:


Dressage tests and maps can be found by clicking the Tests/rules tab.

Start practicing!


*IF you cannot do an obstacle and wish to pass - look at the camera (Judge) and put up your hand. Then move on. You will receive a '0' for that obstacle but do not DQ

The bull line is broken up in this challenging course. Each: remove pole, spear ring, replace pole is judged separately as it's own obstacle.

Bridge. with markers - if you don't have a bridge, you can use 2 poles and a tarp, or sheet of plywood or similar as long as it is a corridor with a different footing.  Transition to walk (entry) when the nose is on the markers. Transition back to gait (exit) when the hind leg leaves the markers. It is always done at the walk in EOH. 

Gate -   Try to approach the gate perpendicular and begin your turn on the forehand when your horse's nose is almost on the gate. Make sure you have a calm 3 second halt before opening. Halt when latching as well.

Jug - Markers show the direction of approach and exit. You must have a 3 second halt before picking up the jug.

Bell tower you must have a 3 second halt before ringing the bell.

L3+  - Side pass pole, and rounding posts has been added.  There is only one side pass pole. Rider can choose direction of pass. You must pass through the entry/exit markers. You must have a 3 second halt before picking up the cup on the rounding posts. L4+ You MUST go around the middle post in reverse. Replace cup on same side as you picked it up. 

Contact: Linda Plank with questions:

Instructions: (please review rulebook to become familiar with all rules - click the rules /resource tab on the menu)

L1 Gait between obstacles Trot L2+ Gait between obstacles is Canter

You must pass through course markers when part of an obstacle or DQ

You must not pass through course markers that belong to an obstacle you have not executed DQ

'*If you need to pass on an obstacle - look at the camera and put up your hand, then move on.

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Screen Shot 2023-09-09 at 1.30.10 PM.png
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