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2023Working Equitation Learning Series

This year we are planning a series of informational Webinars to help with learning Working Equitation. We will cover topics that many people are seeking more clarity

Upcoming Webinars:


  • How to ride the Dressage Tests

  • Introduction to obstacles

  • level 2 and higher obstacles for those looking to advance through the levels

  • Course design

  • Show management and roles

  • Learning the GIRA show software  (With José Bacelar Lourenço)

Each Webinar will have a sign up form to collect emails addresses and a link will be emailed

Non- members can join our Webinars by paying a $20.00 fee  

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Get Started Learning WE!

January 9, 2023 Webinar - Virtual Show - Dressage test and EOH

Promoting the sport of Working Equitation in Ontario, Canada through, education, community, clinics and show opportunities

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