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Material to get you started.

Many people watch Working Equitation online and yet have no idea how to get started. Watching advanced level speed round classes may be exciting, but it does now show the whole sport or the necessary progression to attain higher levels. It is important to understand the Ease Of Handling phase and developmental progression so that riders and horses can learn correctly and safely.

At OSWE we believe education is essential for the growth of this fabulous sport. Without understanding the rules, how to execute the obstacles or the importance and focus for each obstacle, new participants may find it hard to progress.

Our introductory L1 Ease Of Handling Phase program includes a full downloadable manual. This manual gives information on how to build and execute each obstacle, and offers focus ideas for training and teaching. 

Members will receive a PDF copy of the L1 Manual!

Promoting the sport of Working Equitation in Ontario, Canada through, education, community, clinics and show opportunities

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