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Your support will help keep kids active, pain-free, and doing the things they love – like riding!

Division of Rheumatology, Department of Pediatrics, McMaster University

Living with severe arthritis and serious conditions of the joints, bones and muscles is challenging for anyone, perhaps most of all for children. Young patients often experience extreme pain, swelling and stiffness in many joints, which can limit their day-to-day activities. Kids and teens with these chronic conditions face special challenges as they painfully work their way through school and adolescence, which are already difficult enough.


The Division of Rheumatology at McMaster University’s Department of Pediatrics has a dedicated group of doctors, nurses, researchers, and educators who are devoted to the care of children and youth with rheumatic diseases. Annually, the team cares for over 400 children and families who visit McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton. This dedicated team is also responsible for ground-breaking research in the field of juvenile arthritis and other rheumatic conditions. In this way, the team not only improves the health of children in our community, but their work touches families around the world. 


With the support of sponsors, our team can continue to conduct the much needed research needed to help our young patients and their families affected by arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. 

Promoting the sport of Working Equitation in Ontario, Canada through, education, community, clinics and show opportunities

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