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OSWE  Delivers!

All levels of riders will find community and support with their learning and growth in the skills of Working Equitation through our society.

Why become an OSWE member?

Be part of a fantastic passionate growing equestrian community!

Membership card and intro to Ease Of Handling manual (value $25.00)

Select member content and downloads 

Member pricing for show entries

Member -only video library and live stream

AGM Voting privileges

Member discount for OSWE merchandise coming soon!

Access to member-only challenges / in person and online events

Annual awards 

You will need proof of equestrian insurance  to participate in OSWE shows events including online shows / events.

OSWE Members 2024

Alauna Ferguson

Alicia Barbas

Amanda Lamoureux

Amanda Peer

Amanda Quesnelle

Anna Derhak

Ashley Callon

Rayan Callon

Briar Callon

Barbara Waterfield

Bernadette Storms

Brenda Darling

Brenda Schroder

Bronwyn Harrison

Cassandra Robson

Catherine Adam

Catherine Kutzner

Catherine Templeton

Cathy Dias

Cheryl Quast

Christina Zancola

Christine Henderson

Ciara Tonno

Connie White

Cora Tonno

Delena Jennings

Denise Suchard

Diana Bayer

Dorli Herman

Eleanor Sudak

Ella Crozier

Ellie Ross

Gerda Renkema

Gillian Ross Erasmi

Guylaine Boufard

Heather McFarlane

Helen Sare

Indi Miskolczi

Jane Thompson

Janet Henderson

Janet Keith

Janice Woods

Jean Pierre Michel

Jennifer Parker

Jennifer Shore

Jenny Bridge

Jenny Mutter

Jessica Scholz

Julia Ruhl

Julia Cusack

Karen Briggs

Karen Hopps

Kathleen Day Dunbar

Kathleen Thomas

Kathy Bonehill

Kimberley Beldam

Kirsteen Dies

Kristine Coad

Kylie Huybens

Lea-Louise Gadsby

Linda Plank

Lindsay Grice

Lisa Foster

Lisa Wright

Lise LeBlanc

Lutz-Alexander Busch

Lynn Robertshaw

Lynne Poole

Maria-Jose Figueira

Marianne Maschi

Melany Jill Quinn

Melissa Glidden

Michaelah Robinson

Morgan Van Oirschot

Nadia Forrest

Nancy Page

Nancy Payne

Natalie Starr

Natalija Petronis

Nicole Giroux

Pamela Esteves

Robert Alexander

Robyn Budgeon

Sandra Addison

Sandy Hushagen

Shannon Townsend

Shannon South

Sarah Cottrell

Sharon Duncan

Sharon Hastings

Sheila Stewart

Sophie Clouter

Steph Elliot

Sue Warren

Susan Aldis

Tara Richards

Téa Dupuis

Terra Deller

Theodore Kim

Theresa Rondeau Vuk

Therese McNamara

Tracey Charleson

Tracy Hanes

Trish Massart

Walter Mantler

Gisela Mantler

Promoting the sport of Working Equitation in Ontario, Canada through, education, community, clinics and show opportunities

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