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OSWE Judge My Ride

June 2022 Short Course

Join our online short-course challenge! 

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Course Map is now available to download





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Judge: USAWE 'L' Judge Lise LeBlanc


Entries Close June 15th, 2022



Set up your short course. Members ~ Don't forget to download your FREE PDF Level 1 Intro to Ease of Handling manual!

Set up the course as best you can. Follow the dimensions and distances (specifications outlined in the EoH manual) 

Riding your course

Gait between obstacles: TROT

Gait per obstacle:

1) Drums - walk or trot.  (can be garbage cans, cones, bags of shavings, hay bales etc)

2) Single Slalom - trot.    ( can be cones or other markers spaced 7m apart)

3)Remove/Replace pole - walk or trot  (a broom stick in a garbage can works)

4) Switch Cup - trot / halt / trot.  (can be two standards and a cup)

5) Jug - trot / halt / trot.       (a jug , feed scoop, sitting on top of a platform that you can reach from the saddle)

6) Figure 8 - walk or trot.    (two garbage cans, barres, standards, tires, stack of shaving bags, hay bales etc)

*breaking gait on obstacles or between obstacles results in a negative score (4.5)

When deciding on gait please consider the training and capability of horse/rider. The most important thing is presenting the team in balance and harmony. NOT speed. If you choose a difficult execution (small circles) you will only gain advantage if the execution is well done.

Salute the camera then go through the start/finish markers

Approach each obstacle from the numbered side in sequence

You may not go 'through' any obstacle that has not been executed

You MAY go through obstacles once they have been executed

You must begin by going through the start markers and finish by going through them. Direction is rider choice.

Salute the camera after you ride through the finish markers

Upload your final video for judging to a host site (Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook) and submit link with your registration. 

Each Participant will receive a score sheet  with marks and feedback via email. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 8.35.33 PM.png

Judge My Ride is one of the many benefits of being a member of the Ontario Society for Working Equitation. Each year we will have 1 free opportunity for members to participate in an online challenge and receive feedback from one of our judges.

We believe in building the sport of Working Equitation by promoting educational opportunities including teaching and feedback for our members.  The Judge My Ride not only offers feedback opportunity for members, but also offers opportunity for judges to practice scoring. At OSWE we try very hard to deliver meaningful incentives to our members.

Members of OSWE will enjoy online opportunities like this one, as well as downloadable content (Intro to EoH Level 1 Manual), a growing video library and even online lessons  with your $45 membership.

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