​We are committed to getting you started  learning, practicing and showing WE!

It's been my dream to see growth of this fun and inclusive equestrian sport, here in Ontario, Canada! Working Equitation is quickly gaining popularity in many other countries. This sport combines the best equestrian activities in a variety of disciplines and offers a structured program of learning for horses and riders. It offers development of the whole horse and rider based on the principles of Classical Dressage, with clear and measurable goals. The Ease of Handling obstacles create challenges that test horse and rider development. Riders learn how to apply aids to execute challenges with their horse while maintaining proper connection. What we see develop is a beautiful partnership. 

It does not matter what level you are riding, or what age you are, or what breed or horse or style you ride.  Working equitation is inclusive, and for every horse and every rider!

Working Equitation is a sport that crosses equestrian borders and disciplines. Is open to all riders and all breeds of horses. Watching teams represent different cultures and disciplines brings me joy! 

Our Society is focused and committed to building the WE community with educational programs and opportunities to practice and show. We want our members to learn safely, correctly, achieve their goals in the sport and most of all, have fun!

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Lise LeBlanc    
President OSWE

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